Sow: Perfect Little Ass

Wow! This is one of those diamonds in the rough stories. Sow is 26yrs old and just started dancing at a new gogo in Pattaya. She was shy, and after buying her a drink she told me her name and she just came to the gogo from working at beer bars. I was shocked, her little body was MADE for gogo dancing. After some drinks we went upstairs for a randy shorttime fuck. It was circus sex and Sow was NOT shy in bed. She did EVERYTHING: Rimming, bareback and two popshots! I have a 15 min video too and will get it uploaded as soon as I can. Sow is amazing and made to fuck. It's no surprise she has a kid the way she fucks. I didn't want to pull out either.

» Click Here to Download the full video «
Click Here to Download the full video