Noona 5

There are only two things I love in this world. BIG breasted women, and cumming inside BIG breasted women. Don't get me wrong, I still love my spinners. But every now and then, I just want to fall inside a plush, womanly woman who has all the right meat in all the right places. Meet my 22nd future ex-wife, Noona. Big fat ass, BIG natural titties, and a mouth that could swallow a bus. The minute I saw her dancing on stage, I knew I had to have her. When the Mamasan smiled and said her bar fine was 1 million baht…I said SOLD! Just point me to 1000 ATM machines and I'll be back in an hour! Okay okay, so I only paid 600 baht for this potential Creampie Thai, and boy did it ever pay off. The chemistry was perfect as Noona posed for the camera. When she revealed her giant cans, my mouth fell wide open. I took as may photos as I could before finally diving deep into that gorgeous girl. After playing with her firm mounds, Noona dropped down to give me a wonderful blowjob. I then bent her over to see that gorgeous round ass and then I entered her. It felt like warm silk. Before long, I was slamming into this beautiful voluptuous woman until finally injecting her pussy with my entire white load. Those baby making hips will definitely come in handy!

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Click Here to Download the full video
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