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Making It Rain

Our cameraman's trying out some ladies within the metropolis. Humorous, he can all the time inform by the way in which she walks, whether or not or not she's acquired to go. As he movies the primary gal, what a shooter, she sees him and takes off. For this video, it's moist exterior, however that received't cease these ladies from "making it rain." Some are refined find a spot to pee, however our man can scent the urine earlier than it even hits the bottom.

He says it's in the way in which they sway their hips; nevertheless our man finds them, and he all the time movies a puddle of their "wake." Zooming in for all of the enjoyable, the ladies are east to "spots." And sure, even the occasional faculty lady, who has left the grounds, must discover a secluded place to place #1, first. Over the fence she goes, and so will we. As she kneels down and lets it go, she does truly catch the cameraman's eye, however can't cease the circulation. She pushes onward and outward till the waterworks are completed, tissue anybody?

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Click Here to Download the full video