Buppha 4

Buppha is a gorgeous Thai girl from Buri Ram Province. She is barely 18 years old and just arrived in Pattaya 14 minutes ago. Yes, I was on the bus ride down from Bangkok when I noticed the teen sitting across from me. Throughout the transit we both made eye contact which playfully turned into smiles and cheekiness. For some reason, I didn't have the courage to speak with her on the bus, and once we arrived at the terminal I lost her while handling my bags. It's all that camera equipment that bogs me down. My heart was broken as I couldn't find her anywhere. I was so angry at myself for letting my guard down and letting her slip away. But alas, my fear was resolved when I saw the young girl waiting out front on the major road. I quickly got my things and headed over to speak with her. My spidey senses were in full swing as I detected that she had come to the beach resort looking for work. With some quick wit, and broken Thai lies, I had Buppha exactly where I wanted her: Dressed in a nurse outfit and ready to fuck. I was going to be her first foreign lover and she would be my future ex-girlfriend. Buppha gave her best attempt to sucking my cock which gave me all the arousal I needed to enter her teen body. I fucked her tight box for awhile before finally emptying my sperm deep inside her virginal pussy. It pays to travel cheap!

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